What We Do

  1. Discussion of Nuclear Weapons Policy:
    • We organize or support Round Tables among Parliamentarians, officials, academics and the public to encourage a discussion of nuclear weapons issues and policies.
    • We organize regular briefings by officials of the Departments of Foreign Affairs and National Defence for our membership.
    • We discuss and build consensus among our member groups on priorities for Canadian policy priorities.
    • We Participate in, and encourage members to participate in, public hearings on Canadian policy with respect to nuclear weapons.
    • We serve on the organizing committee for an Annual Consultation with the Canadian Government on nuclear non-proliferation, arms control and disarmament.
  2. Inform Canadian Parliamentarians, officials, the media and the public:
    • We prepare and circulate public education materials.
    • We provide briefings and educational materials to officials and Parliamentarians.
    • We develop public campaigns on nuclear weapons issues.
    • We circulate key information through listservs.
    • We share key information on our website.
  3. Network with Others Working for Abolition:
    • We serve as point of contact for the Canadian public on nuclear disarmament activities:
    • We serve as a national point of contact with the Canadian government and other interest groups.
    • We contribute to and work with international efforts for nuclear abolition.
  4. Build/Provide Evidence of Public Support for Abolition:
    • We provide the Canadian Government with evidence of support for disarmament through:
    • Letter writing campaigns, opinion polls in Canada and abroad, public statements by key groups in civil society, public statements by governments supportive of abolition.
  5. Building Media Awareness of Nuclear Weapons Concerns, and the Need for Abolition:
    • We identify and provide information to key media people who follow the Government’s movement on foreign policy.
  6. Building International Support for Abolition:
    • CNANW proposed creating a coalition of middle power states to work toward nuclear weapons elimination. (This became the successful Middle Powers Initiative.)
    • We write to Ministers of Foreign Affairs.
    • We communicate with peace groups around the world.