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Dear Sir(s)/Madam:

I am very concerned about the risk of use of nuclear weapons. Although some reductions have occurred, it is extremely worrying to hear:
a) that NATO continues to maintain and plan the possible use of nuclear weapons;
b) that the U.S. has no plan for destruction of its current stockpile and indeed proposes using nuclear weapons to respond not only to a nuclear attack but also to chemical or biological attacks;
c) that the U.S. is proposing research and development of smaller nuclear weapons which would make nuclear weapons more “usable” and
d) that certain nuclear weapons states have refused to comply with their legal obligation to negotiate the agreements required for the elimination of nuclear weapons.

I believe that Canada should be making extraordinary efforts to lessen this risk. Could you please advise whether:
a) the Government will now put significant funding into political, diplomatic and technical support for the negotiation of a Nuclear Weapons Convention, and
b) the Government will now speak out clearly against the maintenance and possible use of nuclear weapons by NATO?

Yours truly,