These are PowerPoint format files:

  1. Abolition Primer
  2. Requirements for abolition
  3. Good News (Momentum)
  4. Disarmament presentation (.ppt or .key)
  5. Weapon-useable fissile material, by Annette Schaper (zipped file)
  6. Nuclear Weapons 101 (zipped file)
  7. Nuclear Weapons Basics, Level 2 (zipped file)
  8. UN Disarmament Presentation: Peace and Security Through Disarmament

“A presentation highlighting a broad range of multilateral disarmament issues and the initiatives undertaken by the international community. The presentation also includes a timeline of arms regulation treaties and a map of agreed nuclear-weapons free zones.  The imbalance of global expenditures on military compare to a host of world social and environmental problems were also shown. The first presentation provides a general view of disarmament while the second presentation provides a more in-depth introduction to disarmament.”