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The Canadian Network to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (CNANW) was established in 1996 by representatives of national organizations that share the conviction that nuclear weapons are immoral and should be abolished. We believe that Canada should lead in working for their early abolition. CNANW’s nineteen member organizations include faith communities, professional groups, peace and women’s organizations — all of whom work in various ways for nuclear abolition.  Read more …

CNANW Conference Participants September 25, 2017, Ottawa

Recent articles and correspondence

  • Letter to P.M. Justin Trudeau, Nov 9, 2018: Making Nuclear Crisis De-escalation and Persistent and Intensified Disarmament Diplomacy a National Priority  [Letter en/fr | pdf]  [Media Release en/fr | pdf]
  • Hon. Douglas Roche: The Moral, Spiritual, Legal, Practical Response to Humanity’s Greatest Threat: Nuclear Weapons, Address at Parliament of the World’s Religions, Nov 5, 2018 [docx]
  • Letter to Prime Minister on Canadian Leadership, 11 Sep 2018: [en/fr | pdf]
  • CNWC Letter to Minister Freeland regarding INF Treaty, endorsed by CNANW [fr | html]  [en | html]
  • “Canadian Leadership on Nuclear Disarmament” workshop: rapporteur’s report
  • Statement by nine Canadian NGOs regarding July NATO Summit, May 2018 [pdf]
  • Roche: Canadian Action for Nuclear Disarmament, May 30 2018 [docx]
  • CNANW Letter to Minister Freeland re 2018 NPT PrepCom: [en | docx] [fr | docx]
  • CNANW September 2017 Conference — Energizing Action By Canada
  • CALL to SIGN Treaty on Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons: [html]
  • Divesting from Companies Producing Nuclear Weapons: Resources Page