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Below you can find the episodes that relate to Nuclear Weapons and disarmament.  Please follow the above links to see what content is available.

E-65. Hacking the Bomb

Could a hacker break into the nuclear weapons control of the US or Russia and launch a nuclear war? The answer is: Maybe. Andrew Futter, a professor in Britain addressed that question in his book, Hacking the Bomb, and discusses it with Hans-Christian Breede, a professor at Canada’s Royal Military College, and Metta Spencer. who chairs Project Save the World.

E-64 Canadian Peace Work 2019

Erika Simpson and Metta discuss their common concerns as academic Canadian peace researchers — the recent meeting of the Canadian Peace Research Association, the recent prepcom for the NPT review conference (which fails, portending another failure next year) and Erika’s research at NATO.

E-47. After the INF Treaty?

Theodore Postol, Douglas Roche, and Sergey Rogov are all deeply worried because the US and Russia have both declared their intention of ending the INF Treaty, which banned ground launched, medium-range missiles. It appears that we will have another nuclear arms race, with risks comparable to the Cuban Missile Crisis.

E-43. Nuclear Divestment

Some companies make money by helping build and maintain nuclear weapons. Alyn Ware urges investors to take their funds out to promote the new Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons.

  • Alyn Ware, Parliamentarian Network for Nuclear Disarmament

E-42. Nuclear Disarmament

Aaron Tovish used to manage “Mayors for Peace,” an organization to which 7,000 cities now belong. Refusing to allow their cities to be targets of a nuclear war, those mayors demand that the weapons be abolished. And today Aaron lives in the Swedish embassy in Mexico City, still campaigning against nuclear weapons. Video: (video 14 Jan, 2019)

  • Aaron Tovish, Zona Libre, Mexico City.

E-32. The Cyber Impact

It is possible, some experts think, for certain hackers to get control of a ballistic missile and launch a nuclear war. Of get control of an electric grid of a whole country and shut it down for months. But other people, including Branka and John, think there ought to be a law – an international law that all countries will adopt and obey.

  • Branka Marijan, program officer, Project Ploughshares
  • John Daniele, VP, Cybersecurity (GTA)

E-21. Israel, Palestine, & Nuclear Weapons

Abraham Weizfeld lives half time in Montreal and half time in Nablus, Palestine. He is, year-round, a Jewish activist who, with Joseph Maleh, defends the rights of Palestinians. Here we talk also about Israel’s nuclear weapons and the whistle-blower Mordechai Vanunu.

  • Abraham Weizfeld, Alliance of Concerned Jewish Canadians
  • Joseph Maleh, Montreal human rights activist. Podcast Link:

20. Humanitarian Aid and Singing

Dr Ashford and a colleague go to high schools in Victoria, British Columbia and teach the students the risks of nuclear war. And they take along a choir! After the lecture, everybody joins in and sings together. (Video 30 July 2018)

  • Mary-Wynne Ashford, Past CoChair, International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War (IPPNW)

19. Nuclear Weapons

Dr. Ira Helfand is a double Nobel prize winner, in a sense. He is co-chair of the winner of the award in 1985, and he also works with the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons. So, guess what he and Metta Spencer discussed?

  • Ira Helfand, CoChair, International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War (IPPNW).

19. Abolition Nuclear Weapons

About three-quarters of the world’s population want all nuclear weapons to be destroyed and forbidden forever. We live in a democracy,so why isn’t this happening? Erin Hunt, Program Coordinator, Mines Action Canada; Douglas Roche, Former Ambassador for Disarmament, Canadian Senator; Earl Turcotte, Former diplomat for Canada and U.N.