Donations to CNANW

Canadian Network to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (CNANW) is a project of the Canadian Pugwash Group (CPG) under a 2019 agreement that seeks to benefit from the mutual exchange of expertise amongst the two groups.

To make an on-line Canada Helps donation, select CNANW as the Fund choice within CPG: here

For the mail-in option, send your cheque or money order to:
c/o Canadian Pugwash Group
56 Douglas Drive, Toronto ON
Canada M4W 2B3

A charitable tax receipt will be sent to you. Make the cheque/money order out to Canadian Pugwash Group (with detail showing this is for CNANW.)

Get in touch by email

You can contact the Canadian Network Against Nuclear Weapons (CNANW) by email at:

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CNANW on Twitter: @CNANW1

We have an active listserv which supporters are welcome to join.

To subscribe to the full version of “abolition”, send an email message to with subscribe abolition as the content of your message.

By sending unsubscribe abolition you can get off the list at any time.