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Hon. Roméo Antonius Dallaire’s Inaugural Statement in the Canadian Senate, April 17, 2007, on a Motion Urging Government to Take Leading Role in Reinvigorating Nuclear Disarmament.

¨We should stop supporting the nuclear policies of NATO, which are incompatible with our obligations under the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. On the one hand, we are against nuclear weapons and we say so. On the other hand, we are a member of an organization with a treaty based on the availability of nuclear weapons. There is actually an intolerable contradiction between our commitments under the treaty and our membership in an alliance which gives such importance to nuclear weapons in its security policies. In the post-Cold War world, there is no longer any reason to state that nuclear weapons play a vital role within the alliance.¨

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Dec. 6, 2014 – Statement by US General (Ret) Lee Butler speaks for a ban on nuclear weapons

Statement by Generals and Admirals of the World Against Nuclear Weapons , December 5, 1996.

Address by General Lee Butler to Canadian Peaceworkers, March 11, 1999, Ottawa.

General Lee Butler, Remarks to National Press Club, Dec. 5, 1996

Joint Statement on Reduction of Nuclear Weapons Arsenals: Declining Utility, Continuing Risks by Generals Lee Butler and Andrew J. Goodpaster, Dec. 4, 1996, National Press Club

Letter to Bill Graham M.P., Chair, Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs and International Trade from General Lee Butler, USAF, Ret., July 1998